Protect yourself from road accidents

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Claims are part of life, although many of us flee from them or believe that we cannot suffer an accident, the truth is that at some point we could be the protagonist of one of them.

Accidents can range from a burn at home to a traffic accident, both share certain characteristics despite being so different from each other: Damage can be prevented and minimized, but how can we do it?

What is loss forecasting about?

They are a set of preventive measures that are taken in order to be able to avoid an accident, or in case it happens, that the consequences of the accident are the minimum possible.

These measures can be applied from home to work environment, recreational to work or health.

How can we prevent road accidents?

This type of claim is one of the most frequent, which usually has the worst consequences for the people involved. Although they are one of the most dangerous and with the highest mortality rate, experts assure that a large percentage of them are avoidable if special care is taken to preventive and road safety measures.

Road accidents are one of the accidents that involve the greatest material losses, in some cases you can even suffer a total loss of the vehicle, which can significantly affect the quality of life of the person involved.

If you are a driver:

  • Do not drive if you are under the influence of alcohol, call a taxi if you need to move around or ask a friend to drive for you.
  • You should always wear a seat belt, in the event of an accident, this will help minimize the blow.
  • Do not use a cell phone while driving.
  • When carrying children, place them in the back seats always wearing the seat belt, if they are under 5 years old, use child seats.
  • Respect the speed limits.
  • Be aware of road, weather, and traffic conditions to adjust speed as necessary. If you are on a bumpy road, don’t go at a high speed.
  • Check the in the tires from time ot time, especially if you go on a trip.
  • When making long trips, it is wise to make stops at least every 2 to 3 hours to stretch your legs and relax a bit, as well as to rest when necessary.
  • The number of occupants allowed by the vehicle must be respected, if it is exceeded, the necessary safety elements (belts) cannot be applied.
  • Motocyclists and cyclists must use the case in a mandatory way, in addition to respecting all the signs and speeds allowed. Being the most vulnerable at the time of an accident, it is important to take special care at crossings.

If you are a pedestrian:

  • Be attentive and respect the corresponding signs.
  • Walk on the sidewalk and do not cross in places where it is not allowed.
  • Always use the designated crosswalks and pedestrian bridges.
  • Be attentive when crossing any road and not be distracted by the cell phone when doing it.

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, it is always helpful to have at your disposal an insurance to count on that allows you to act in these unforeseen situations and abide by the recommendations and rules when going out on public roads, remember that life is one!

Regardless of what type of claim you want to protect yourself from, do not hesitate to consult your trusted insurer, companies have a large number of policies that cover all types of situations. Do not forget to ask them about LISA, we automate the settlement of claims in record time through an integrated platform.

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