How do we apply big data in the real world?

As we were able to show you in our last article, Big data is going to be one of the technologies that will be more accentuated for the next 2022. That is why in this article we will tell you about the use cases of Big data.

Going straight to the point! Lets get started😎

Eventually we will have smart cities, we will have a better optimization of traffic and it will even be possible to prevent diseases linked to our specific genes. Here are some examples of current Big Data use cases that Platzi shared with us in his article:

  • IBM took all the crime data in Chicago and processed it for predictive analytics. This made it possible to detect where crimes were going to occur before they happen. So it is quite possible to decrease crime in a city by 30% through the use of Big Data.
  • In the healthcare sector there are various uses that will help many. Some examples are: it is possible to encode genetic material to know the most suitable food for an individual and how to prevent chronic diseases. In addition, premature babies can be monitored to predict their illnesses before the first symptoms appear. Incredible, isn’t it?
  • Big Data is very present in scientific development, for example, in the Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN can reach 600 million collisions per second, to the point that its 65,000 processors to analyze 30 Petabytes of data, are not enough😵.
  • They are many logistics companies have started to use Big Data to optimize their delivery routes, so that delivery times are much lower as well as the fuel they need.
  • In the insurance sector, but what does that look like?

-Recording all the information of the insured in real time to guarantee the insurance company possible customizable offers.

-Tracking how the client acts in front of the platform in order to improve it according to how the insured “moves”.

With NLP it is possible to make follow-ups and analysis to make decisions.

-Contributing to risk and fraud analysis.

-Problems can be identified before they occur, which leads to a decrease in claims thanks to telemetry.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

All of the above can be achieved by insurance companies together with our flagship product LISA Claims.

Get to know him and let’s start a journey together!

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