The natural language processing: pt 1.

Today we can find a great variety of technologies and tools that offer thousands of benefits for the industries that apply them. 

To acquire and implement technology is not an easy task, that’s why if you want to implement them, you must look for professionals to support the process from the starting point.

In this article, we would like to tell you about one of the most innovative technologies available right now: the Natural language processing (NLP)

¡Here we go!

¿What is the NLP?

It is a field that covers different subjects of computational sciences: artificial and linguistic intelligence by studying interactions between computers and humans. Its objective is to provide the machine with the ability to interpret text simulating the human ability to understand language.

It origins goes to the idea of a translation machine that was born during the World War II. The main goal was to translate from one language to another, for example, from English to Russian using the power of computers. However, after that the idea of converting human languages into informatic language seemed natural.

¿What can we achieve with NLP?

With NLP it is possible to perform certain tasks such as automated speech and writing in less time. In that sense and due to important data (text) around, ¿Why don’t we use computers to perform algorithms and do tasks faster?

Over time more and more industries are getting into the tech wave and finding ways to implement Natural language processing into different matters between their processes and exploring new possibilities within their products.

¡In LISA Insurtech we love technology! that is why thanks to it we use techniques of NLP in the insurance industry, some of our cases of use are:

– Text qualification.

– Pattern recognition.

Feelings analysis.

-Search Engines.


Know… in our next article, we will tell you about the origins of Natural language processing and its evolution for you to keep getting to know more about this amazing subject. ¡Don’t miss it!

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