Discover the purpler world!

We transform the insurance industry into something unique.

Who we are

We are a dynamic high-tech team and company

We make the complex simple. We remove the noise from manual, lengthy and tedious insurance processes to create simple, streamline, automated ones. We give back to the insurance carriers the control of their processes and while doing so we help them reduce costs, improve their efficiency and deliver a better service to their own customers. 

How can we do this? Because we have built AI robots and automatons that are eager to learn things and do stuff that you don’t want to do anymore. And, more importantly, they are smart enough to make decisions so you don’t have to.

Passionate about what we do

Our team combines decades of experience in insurance, technology and product development. We are passionate about what we do and we thrive in a diverse, multilingual and multicultural environment. We love working together to help you deliver the best claims experience to your customers. Because we know that claims can and should be easier and faster for everyone.

Meet our Leadership Team

Gino is CEO of LISA Insurtech, where he transforms traditional insurers in order to accelerate the digitization processes of their value chain.

He is an expert in business strategies and digital transformation of companies and his vision has made it possible to increase the profitability and competitiveness of various companies.

Gino Bustamante


Alhely is Director and Co-Founder of Insurtechile, as well as CTO & Project Manager at LISA Insurtech.

She holds a Mechatronics Engineer degree from ITESM Mexico and a Systems Design and Management Master from MIT, along with relevant experience and understanding of Technical Product Development and Implementation focused on achieving customer expectations with an efficient use of available resources.

Alhely Almazan


Andrew works at the intersection of insurance operations, technology and startups. He has experience leading operational teams and managing software development from ideation to implementation at Allstate insurance, and advising early stage technology startups through InsurTech Ohio.

He first learned his skills building physical things, and refined them by bringing new insurance technology concepts to market.

Andrew Daniels


Mayra is a digital product expert with an extensive insurance background from working in independent agencies to managing the self-service claims platforms at Allstate Insurance Company, where she built their first claims UX team and redesigned the integrated First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and MyClaim™ Status applications.

Mayra lives in Chicago.

Mayra Leen


Marie is a French lawyer with a postgraduate degree in Insurance Law from the Sorbonne University, France.

She has been working in the insurance industry for the last five years. She started as a claims analyst in a claims adjuster and later became a claims analyst in the claims department of an international reinsurance broker.

Marie Merle D'Aubigne

Chief of Staff

Cristian is a Civil Industrial Engineer and holds a Master's Degree in Operations Management from the University of Chile.

He has experience in different areas: Commercial, Marketing, Sales, Business Intelligence and Management Control in Insurance industry, Banking and Health.

His strengths are leadership, high analytical skills and strategic vision.

Cristian Maturana

Head of Sales

Catalina is a marketing and communications specialist with more than 15 years of experience in developing and implementing business and consumer strategies.

Her fascination with technology began when she worked as a reporter at El Mercurio newspaper. After six years she became a brand consultant, working with some of the most important consumer brands in Chile.

Catalina Correia

Head of Marketing

Ruiciro is responsible for the definition of simple and scalable solutions in LISA Insurtech's technical team.

His previous experience in Backend and Artificial Intelligence as a developer and team leader, have provided him with the necessary skills to lead our fast-paced company in the implementation of LISA's products.

Ruiciro Rivera

Head of Tech

Monica has 10 years of experience as an administrator in the Transportation, Services, Retail and Automotive industries.

She is a specialist in process implementation and information analysis, ensuring the application of Corporate Policies and Business Profitability.

Monica Morales

Head of Finances

Angeles studied organizational psychology and has a Master's degree in Strategic Management of People and Organizational Development and Human Resources Management. She has more than 10 years of experience on this field.

She’s committed to deliver great results for business development, to work for attract the best talent and improve employee satisfaction.

Angeles Riquelme

HR Talent and Specialist