Can telematics reduce costs?

The insurance industry has been characterized by offering in the vehicle branch, insurance based on linking the costs of these with the way in which a vehicle operates.

Equipment managers can benefit from telemetry data from their heavy duty trucks, as the data can be used to train operators and drivers to improve and change their behaviors:

It allows remote control of processes such as the location of a vehicle, fuel consumption, load status, performance, safety factors, among many others.

Fleets that reduce behaviors that lead to accidents may be able to reduce the frequency (plus associated costs) of accidents and eventually lower their construction equipment insurance premiums.

By collecting data using telematics, current and real-time feedback can be obtained to help identify risky driving behaviors and enable drivers to be trained to improve their performance.

Most relevant characteristics:

1. Contributes to the reduction of claims: by maintaining the interconnection of ioT devices with a main central, alerts of all kinds can be issued in the event of any suspicion. This favors both insurers and their policyholders.

2. Savings on supplies: the systems provide immediate information on the status of the truck, allow programing routes and monitor driving conditions to save fuel and prevent failures due to malfunctions.

The transport company may have precise data on the location, route and speed of the vehicle, fuel consumption, driving mode or stopping times. This will make it easier to manage operator performance.

3. Safety: telemetry is capable of reducing road accidents by 57%, making this technology a strategic ally to minimize costs and optimize processes.

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