Garantizamos la interconexión y prevención de siniestros con nuestro sistema de telemetría


It is our telemetry platform that provides a qualified layer to receive real-time messaging through IoT electronic devices.

Just as that, we seek to provide the insurance industry with all the technical feasibility for the implementation of new services connected to each other, as well as new products to prevent and detect claims in real time, guaranteeing value and a unique experience to policyholders.

Dispositivos IoT

Be smart with LISA TMT and its automated systems

Vehicles Smart

It monitors each of the insured vehicles in real time and automatically, analyzing the behavior of its policyholders with the ability to create warning systems for unsafe behavior and evaluate driver risks.

Home insurances with real time alerts

It controls each of the interconnected elements within the homes of the insured, which gives it the power to issue alerts in the event of any eventuality, so that certain losses such as theft, floods, gas leaks, short circuits and fires can be avoided.

IoT applied to Health and Life Insurance

With LISA TMT, policyholders’ health behaviors can be detected in real time through electronic devices such as Smarthwatches, Smartbands and even cell phones, which can send data to insurers, which can then receive it and create alerts in response to the data. 

Insurance OnDemand
100% custom made

Ability to gather information on each of the policyholders, to offer fully customized services on demand by evaluating each of the risks and needs of the client automatically.

Loss prevention caused by natural or human disasters.

By means of LISA TMT technology, it will be possible to carry out various measurements of: humidity, temperature changes, densities, climatic and environmental changes, leading to the prevention of fires and floods.

We integrate to any signal and to Industrial Insurance.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to establish a series of interconnected and fully customized services and to implement a world of fully customized options and services.

Seguros Vehiculares Inteligentes

LISA TMT hace posible la monitorización de cada uno de los vehículos asegurados en tiempo real y de forma automática, permitiendo además a las aseguradoras, analizar el comportamiento de sus conductores, garantizando avisos y  la creación de sistemas de advertencia ante comportamientos inseguros al momento de la conducción.

Seguros Hogar con alertas en tiempo real

Las aseguradoras podrán monitorizar cada uno de los elementos interconectados dentro de los hogares de sus asegurados, lo cual les otorga el poder de emitir alertas y que sean recepcionadas, con la finalidad de que puedan evitarse ciertos eventos como robos, inundaciones, fugas de gas, cortocircuitos, incendios, entre otros.

IoT aplicado a Seguros de Salud y Vida

Con LISA TMT podrán detectarse a tiempo real los comportamientos de salud de los asegurados, a través de dispositivos electrónicos como Smarthwatch, Smartbands incluso teléfonos móviles, los cuales podrán enviar datos a las aseguradoras y esta, recepcionarlos y crear alertas que respondan a dichos datos. 

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