How does our document reader work?

Basically, it is in charge of extracting, reading and analyzing the natural language of the information provided in the documents entered into the process.

Is it possible to know the operational performance of the platform?

Information can be accessed via exporting data or connecting to your systems. LISA Claims also has a dashboard and a MAP performance that displays the client’s personalized KPIs.

What services does the LISA Claims need to operate?

In order for LISA Claims to work online, the following services must exist in the company: complaint, policy consultation, payment, and provision update.

How the solutions of LISA Insurtech can connect with the Insurance Company?

Through APIs and microservices.

What’s LISA Claims?

LISA Claims is an automated liquidation platform with artificial intelligence, which covers the stages of claim, analysis, adjustment, and payment.

What’s LISA TMT?

It’s a telemetry platform that provides a sophisticated layer, capable of receiving messaging and notifications in real time. With this we seek to provide the insurance industry with all the technical feasibility for the implementation of new services connected to each other and new products to prevent and detect claims in real time.

What’s LISA Gateway?

It’s a technological enabler that allows the insurance industry to be considered as “Insurtech as a Service”. Our product enables a broad ecosystem of automated functions, which will allow technological integration between all the parties involved in an insurance company: Insurance banking, startups, brokers and customer.