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Delivery Lead

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We are looking for a results-driven, organized, and relationship-focused Delivery Lead to be responsible for leading projects to deliver client solutions, organizing internal teams, and maintaining customer satisfaction. 

The Delivery Lead will have oversight of the project plan, delivery of technical solutions, assistance in troubleshooting technical issues, documenting client requirements,  and performing administrative and project management tasks such as taking and communicating meeting notes, pursuing project-related tasks fulfillment,  and overseeing the quality of deliverables  and feature-releasement activities. 

To be a successful Delivery Lead, you should demonstrate strong leadership,  team working skills and remarkable resolutions skills. You should also demonstrate excellent communication technical and non-technical skills.

This role will report to the Chief Product Officer and will be part of a team of Product Owners who are assigned to deliver client projects along with managing requirements, new development work and deliverables.

Ideal Characteristics
  • You thrive in ambiguous and challenging environments
  • You enjoy interacting with clients and building relationships 
  • You are technical with strong attention to detail.
  • You are self-managed and can effectively work remotely.
  • You have a positive attitude towards new challenges.
  • You are a problem solver and able to manage conflict effectively 
  • Ability to handle both formal and informal business environments
  • Ability to keep a level head and think wisely in a high-pressure situations
  • You are proficient in English and Spanish
Technical requirements for the position:
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, business or related field.
  • Experience in customer service, leadership, and logistics may be advantageous.
  • Good computer skills and the ability to use business support software.
  • Strong customer service, project management, and quality control skills.
  • Experience in software implementations.
  • Good resource planning skills.
  • Remarkable Project management skills.
  • Excellent leadership and customer service skills.
  • Strong teamwork skills and resolution – oriented with attention to detail.
What are the responsabilities:
  • Responsible for the successful  delivery and implementation of solutions 
  • Ensure proper and on-time implementation of  existing and new software developments 
  • Increase developers productivity while simultaneously improving the agility of operations by efficient coordination and communications.
  • Identify and take action on opportunities to shorten development cycles applying best practices and related-methodologies
  • Help to establish a work methodology that better adjusts to existing needs and resources
  • Oversee metrics such as lead timing and delivery flow.
  • Lead the conversation with customers in order to anticipate needs and prevent frustration
  • Ensuring the team’s processes and tasks are carried out efficiently.
  • Determining ways to reduce costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
  • Remaining organized and  complying deadlines.
  • Building partnerships and liaising with team leaders to determine the company’s services, delivery criteria, and solutions for issues that may arise.
  • Ensuring all product expectations are fulfilled to ensure maximum satisfaction
  • Functioning as communication carrier along technical teams
  • Managing the expectations both internally and externally
  • Reporting on progress to seniors and escalating issues when necessary
  • Forging great business relationships
  • Forecasting potential resources required for the project  
  • Ensuring all milestones in the product life cycle are attained within stipulated periods
  • Organizing regular team meetings, so that new challenges or constraints may come to light
Required Knowledge:
  • Experience in scalability of complex and high demand systems.
  • Experience on requirement identification, classification and management
  • Integrating a web application with other applications or web services.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of products
  • Scrum or similar methodology for agile software development.
  • Preparation of documents with technical specifications.
Desired knowledge:
  • PMP tools and methodologies
  • Software- based projects definition and implementation experience.
  • Slack
  • Confluence
  • Jira Ticket System and Project Management
  • Google Tools (Mail, Spreadsheets, Slides, Surveys, etc)

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