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Python BackEnd

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At LISA we require the integration of a Python Developer with experience in back-end development and a great passion for their applications.

Your work as a member of our team will focus on supporting the creation, implementation, and maintenance of infrastructure and interface for machine learning models that meet the needs of our customers.


Our profile:
  • Comfortable with remote work.
  • Positive attitude when facing complex challenges.
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical profiles.
  • Good communication and teamwork skills.
Technical requirements:
  • Experience with microservices.
  • Experience with Python.
  • Experience working with AWS or GCP servers.
  • Experience with web services.
  • Experience with version control software (Git).
  • Experience with scalability of apps.
  • Desirable knowledge of DJango or fastAPI or Flask
  • Desirable knowledge of database
Additional requirements
  • Understanding and management of Docker containers.
  • Advanced English
Main responsabilities:
  • Project creation using FastAPI
  • Creation of PRs for code review

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