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Ruby on Rails Developer

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At LISA we are looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer with experience developing web applications, to work with our technological team.

We want you to help us with the handling of architecture decisions with the aim at making friendly designs, maintainable and modifiable applications over time.

As a Ruby on Rails Developer you will be programming  with our technology team, you will also be participating in formal and informal code review sessions.

Ideal characteristics
  • Attention to detail.
  • Self-management capabilities to work remotely.
  • Ability to constantly collaborate on open source projects.
  • Positive attitude to new challenges.
  • Desirable but not exclusive: High level of English, in addition to the ability to establish very fluent and clear conversations to explain complex problems to non-technical profiles.
Our technical requirements
  • You should have experience working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. (At least 1 years of experience).
  • You should have experience working with with PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • Code version control tools (i.e. GIT).
  • Knowledge in Agile Methodologies.

If this Job offer as a Ruby on Rails Developer is for you, we invite you to share with us your resume, filling the form below.

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