LISA Gateway

We execute the claims communication process with all parties involved s in the value chain


Our technical framework enabler powered by Artificial Intelligence and our proprietary technology, allos the formation of a  digital ecosystem, in order to integrate a wide range of interconnected services to streamline intermediation processes, which equates to more efficient communication and offers a unique experience that favors loyalty with customers.



It acts as gateways and thanks to this they reduce friction as clients switch between related services, that is, it allows many actions to be carried out through a single interface without the need to maintain multiple services.


It takes advantage of the effects of the network to create value, where consolidated information is provided to optimize the services of companies.


English Integrate data through a series of services. Integrate data through a series of services.


Insurers can develop and perform multiple functions, for example, in the personal mobility ecosystem a range of opportunities can be offered to expand into other areas such as vehicle purchasing, maintenance management, travel, traffic management, emergency services and reports of theft.


It offers traditional insurers the opportunity to use analytics to evaluate and expand their business models, in addition to improving pricing and risk accumulation control. It should be noted that analytics is a central component of the traditional insurance business model.

With LISA Gateway, our promise is to implement a fully automated digital ecosystem, which allows solving interconnection problems between all parties involved in Banking, Insurance, such as Brokers, Banking, Insurance and Startups.


Maintaining hybrid or purely traditional processes allow a leakage of opportunities within the insurance industry, however, thanks to the implementation of a digital ecosystem, each link in the chain will be able to be free of barriers between the actors that participate and interact in an interconnected environment: clients, brokers, brokers, reinsurers, insurers, startups and regulators.

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