Startups of the Pacific Alliance, get ready to participate in LAB4+, the most important forum for innovation, business and technology

On November 20 and 21, the LAB4 +, the most important business and innovation summit in Latin America, will be held in the city of San Francisco, California, United States, starring Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, countries that make up the Alliance Pacific (AP).

The purpose of this meeting is to internationalize and make visible the innovation ecosystem of the member countries of the Pacific Alliance in Silicon Valley, capital of world technological invention, which represents an excellent opportunity for exposure and connection for key players such as exporters of services, startups, investors, large companies, incubators, accelerators, among others. This is the first time that LAB4 has been held outside of a Pacific Alliance country and the objective is to make our ecosystem visible.

More than 1,500 attendees from the 4 AP countries and the host ecosystem will be received. The different activities include +40 conferences, +20 Workshops, +100 startup pitches, technology missions to companies in the host ecosystem, Expo techs, business roundtables and much more.

By taking LAB4 + for the first time in San Francisco, participants will be able to have a greater generation of businesses and / or alliances, access to investments or escalation, and to more contact networks with potential allies and investors. Among the main startups that will participate in this forum are:

Chile: Altum Lab, Badgeheroes, Bunkey; Citisense, Iguanabee, Instacrops, LISA Insurtech, Matchetune, Robosoft Spa, Rock, n Dress, Servisenior, Sima Robots, Smartrip, Timining, Writewise, among others.

Colombia: Azimut Energía, Bidda, Digital Partners, Mobile sales, Novotech Ingenieria, Superfuds, Tekus, Virtual Tires, Travel with promotions, Eduemplea, among others.

Mexico: Backstartup, Code Ingenieria, Fairwind, Homie, Indicar, Janus, Mamarazzi, Os City, Pavuf, Rices, Vexi, Xilinat, Mw Company, among others.

Peru: Amigocloud, Anda Technologies, Chazki, Comunal, Doktuz, Fitco, Lolimsa, Mesa 24/7, Mirada Laboral, Qaira, Riqra, Rextie, Nutrishake Andino, Rita, Kambista, among others.

Source: Mundo Empresarial
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