Is it possible to export regulatory information from the platform?

Yes, it is possible. LISA Claims can output the company’s historical information, which can be used to display the regulatory claims folder, among other things.

Is it possible to connect LISA to other satellite systems of the company?

Yes, LISA has a micro-services architecture, which gives it enough flexibility to connect to other systems to feed information and even do the corresponding push connected through API’s and WebServices.

What does the duration of the implementation or set-up process depend on?

It depends on the training of the reading models of our AI technology. In addition, the branches and coverages to be included in the implementation must be considered.

What is the technological architecture of LISA Claims like?

LISA Claims is a proprietary technology in the cloud and agnostic to the information system. It also has a micro-services architecture, making it agile for any type of integration through APIs and web services.

Who owns the information stored in LISA?

The information will always remain the property of the insurance company.

What happens with the claim provisioning?

When the claim is entered into LISA Claims, the claim provision is generated in the company’s core system. Once the report is made, LISA updates the actual provision.

Can the platform be configured as a multi-product platform (life, health, credit)?

Yes, you only have to configure the flow for each branch and coverage.

Does the final customer (insured) have a view of his settlement process?

Yes. LISA Claims allows the insured to access a view of their settlement process, where they can monitor the status of their claim and also upload information that may be requested by the company (such as pending documentation).

Can the company manage the business rules and workflow of the process or is a back-up from the LISA team necessary?

Companies can configure their process workflow and business rules at any time, without the need for technical support from LISA.

However, our monthly service considers performing the relevant support of questions and queries of the platform.

Can claims approval amounts be preset on LISA Claims?

Yes, it is possible. With “profiling in approval” we can understand that a claim corresponds to a profile or a pre-approved amount (such as medical expenses, among others). This is how the business rules and maximum indemnity amounts can be configured according to the company’s processes and requirements.