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We are helping insurance carriers worldwide deliver a better, simpler, and, faster claims experience to their customers.

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Artificial Intelligence and automation solutions for the insurance industry

LISA Claims

We control and manage all claims settlement processes of the insurance industry, using the most advanced technology.

LISA Gateway

We integrate a wide range of interoperables services to streamline processes between all the actors in the insurance industry.


We collect all the information in real time to send notifications of any suspicious behavior that may cause an insurance claim.

Our secret sauce?

Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology.

We digitalize the traditional processes of the insurance industry with artificial intelligence and make it possible for your customers to be satisfied at every stage of the process.

LISA works very easy!

We change the traditional model of the insurance industry with artificial intelligence. With this we digitalize the insurance processes and guarantee all the technical feasibility for your customers to have a good service.

01. FNOL

At this stage the report is uploaded by the user either individually or in bulk through the report channel.


Our artificial intelligence goes into action, identifying and analyzing each of the evidence and documents uploaded to continue to the next stage.


The provision amount is automatically updated in the company’s core, and in parallel, the insured is notified in real time.


In this stage a form is issued and sent to the finance area or the company’s payment gateway, and then the payment is completed.

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