5 technologies that will be trending in 2022: pt. 1

Technologies are here to stay, to transform and to go by leaps and bounds. It offers a wide range of opportunities and guarantees competitiveness, which gives us enough reasons to implement it in our companies.

With 2021 just around the corner, we have decided to compile a big list of the technologies that will be trending in 2022. However, we have decided to divide this article into two parts to make it easy to digest. 😝

Ready? Lets go straight to the point!

01. Computer security:

The continued growth of large data warehouses and the emergence of data analytics makes it possible for systems to be breached by bad actors

The cybersecurity of companies is a relevant and very important issue, especially for the insurance industry, which handles large amounts of data and information that must be taken care of for the good of customers and the organization itself.

Considering the technology, the set of tools, policies, security concepts, risk management and other guidelines, it is a priority for companies to carry out a plan to safeguard their assets.

02. Universal memory

A group of scientists at Lancaster University made a discovery that could revolutionize consumer computing. From smartphones to personal computers. 

It is a new type of universal memory, which is capable of functioning as RAM and also as NAND Flash memory. Thanks to this discovery, only a single type of memory would need to be placed in our systems.

This technology in 2022 will cause a change in architectures and software.

03. Multicore

Multicore will be everywhere, by 2022. From portable systems and smartphones, to cameras, gaming, automobiles and cloud servers.

A multi-core processor can spread processes across its various brains for further execution. In this same sense, they offer optimal performance, superior to that of single-core processors.

04. Silicon photonics

Silicon photonics will be a foundational technology. This breakthrough will address the challenges of bandwidth, latency and energy in the structure of high-end systems

Thanks to an article from the Government of Mexico, we were able to learn that photonics emerges as an alternative to conventional electronics for digital communications, with which data can be transferred over longer distances, at higher speed and with lower power consumption. This technology has the capacity to generate, manipulate and detect light (photons) by means of silicon-based devices

The main technological challenge is the development of light-emitting sources based entirely on silicon, since, although companies such as Intel are currently commercializing silicon photonic devices, other technologies continue to be used to generate light.

5. Networks and interconnectivity

Developments at all levels of the network will continue to drive research and the Internet economy. Thus, interconnectivity between the different elements is predicted to be a revolution. 

Network interconnectivity is understood as the ability to establish internal connections and link two systems or devices together. This revolution will completely change the way we live and interact with our environment. 

Did you know that…?

«Inter» means «between» in English, and «network» refers to a set of computer equipment that is connected using a medium for the transmission of information.

Are you one of those who are afraid of technology or use it as an impulse? This question alone gives rise to two sides: innovation or stagnation.

Dear reader, there are still more technologies on the list!

Next appointment is in the second part of this article!

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