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8 situations that you car insurance doesn’t cover

When hiring any insurance, it is important that you know the policies and what are the different coverages they have. There are some that cover a large number of situations where the contractor and his beneficiaries have a variety of benefits, but! Yes, there is always a but.

There are circumstances that enter into restrictions imposed by the insurer for the policy to be valid and generally have a lot to do with inappropriate behavior on the part of the driver.

Therefore, we share five situations that you should avoid at all costs because your auto insurance will not cover it:

  1. Accidents caused on roads not enabled for regular automobile traffic.
  2. Damage done intentionally (this is more than obvious).
  3. Damages caused by road works, which must be compensated by the operator of the public works and not by the insurer.
  4. Claims caused while intoxicated, influence of hallucinogenic or blood-borne disinhibiting drugs.
  5. If the claim of the claim was presented outside the established period.
  6. If you do not make the respective certificate before the Carabineros de Chile.
  7. If you flee the place, whether or not you caused the loss, it will automatically make the insurer exempt from compensating the damage.
  8. Not have a driver’s license.

Finally, it is important to clarify that the situations that your insurance does not cover are specified in the contract and thanks to this you will be able to be informed and warned of the possible consequences that may arise from it.

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