Cloud Computing: Top 3 Success Stories

We have already seen in previous articles the impact of Cloud Computing, what it is, its benefits and the most important providers, that is why we decided to compile in a top 3, the best known success stories of this technology:

1.General Electric:

This company is one of the largest conglomerates in the world. It is known that by 2014 it was already starting to implement a digital transformation strategy, which revolutionized the way of working they had maintained up to that time.

In 2017, the company chose Amazon Web Services as the primary provider to host more than 2,000 applications and services in the cloud, a choice that was one of the most important transformations for General Electric. They were able to redirect resources to innovation tasks that were previously occupied designing and maintaining conventional data centers.


It is one of the pioneers in entertainment and distribution of audiovisual content online and despite being a technology company until recently had not bet on cloud services.

Thanks to the boost given by the popularity of their service and the demand for them, they had to migrate their traditional data centers to a Cloud environment in order to be able to supply all their subscribers.

3.New York Times:

The well-known American newspaper The New York Times needed to convert 11 million articles and images from its archive to PDF format, a task that could be very time-consuming, couldn’t it?

The company’s IT department estimated that the project would take about seven weeks. However, a developer using 100 instances of Amazon EC2 managed to complete the job in 24 hours.

From 7 weeks to 24 hours…. That’s how great technology is.

Other cases that we can mention that are equally important are:

Spotify, which can offer music streaming services as if the user had the songs on their device.

Mercedes Benz F1, uses the cloud to quickly analyze car performance data, a critical function in motorsport.

The pharmaceutical company Novartis uses the cloud to manage and analyze massive amounts of data generated during drug development.

Cloud Computing impacts on a large scale

The impact of cloud computing is found in literally every sector: healthcare, education, sports, entertainment, technology, banking, etc. This favors large companies in their innovation and growth.

Regardless of the company, migrating data to the cloud can help reduce costs and provide greater accessibility to information at any time and from any device.

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