Digital Ecosystems: New allies in Insurance Companies.

The unstoppable rate of change that the insurance company has gone through due to the increasing social dependence on digital technologies has created the environment conducive to restructuring both customer expectations and the limits between industries, is For this reason, in this article we will expand on the impact of this phenomenon and the influence of ecosystems and platforms.

In the first instance, we must mention that a business platform is nothing more than a business model that allows the connection between producers and consumers, where they connect to it, there is interaction and exchange of value (Facebook, is an example of one).

On the other hand, an ecosystem is an interconnected set of services that allow users to satisfy a variety of needs in an integrated way. Currently, the most consumed ecosystems are concentrated in medical care, housing and travel.

The intensive use of digital technology has become part of everyday life, which is why the insurance industry has had to reinvent itself and within an ecosystem there are various possibilities to perform various functions such as expanding into new areas such as travel, purchasing vehicles or traffic, thus obtaining new results and a wide variety of opportunities for growth.

The birth of ecosystems means a symbiotic relationship so that companies can relate to others in order to achieve greater value for them, more than they could obtain on their own. There are many examples that we could mention, such as Apple, when launching the Healthkit app where its users share health and activity data, thus helping the world of medicine, hospitals and doctors, to inform about the patient in addition to conducting studies, development of products, among others.

Using the ecosystem as a strategy can facilitate the expansion of insurers in other areas, offering hybrid and innovative solutions.

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