Discover the impact of Low-Code on businesses

Today’s industries must focus on continuous market disruption and innovation, where we find and it’s time to talk about low-code platforms, their benefits and more. Are you ready?

First, Low-Code is a platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of creating application software through a graphical user interface, leaving aside traditional computer programming, offering flexibility to address customer needs.

As social FUTURO points out in its web page, we can affirm that in simple words, it is the union of different components created, which are mixed to obtain the final result of the application. In this way, it is not necessary to create the application from scratch.

Low-code features

According to the Accion.point web portal, the most relevant features of the low-code are:

  • Low code: allows small developments, evolutions and future escalations.
  • Minimum viable products: Describe rapidly MVP.
  • Scalable innovations: authorizes implementations on the fly, learning and optimizing.
  • Extensions to more channels: without having to write complex code. Some examples are: self-service portals, chatbots, among others.
Benefits of low-code

After having explained what it is and its most relevant characteristics, here are its benefits:

  • It enables fast delivery of commercial applications with a minimum of manual coding.
  • They allow applications to be modified quickly.
  • Process flows are easy, allowing any user to drag and drop interface templates.
  • The tools are visual, rather than having coding syntax. Designers, analysts and process specialists can use them to contribute to the development of business applications.

Technological challenges are advancing faster and faster, which is why low-code platforms are one more proof of this. That is why it is important that you bet on a more relevant and agile business technology, which will undoubtedly mean an invaluable opportunity to be part of all this digital revolutionary movement.

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