Discover the value of NPS in the Insurance Companies

Before explaining in depth the topic to be presented, it is good that you know the meaning of the acronym NPS or «Net promoter score», which refers to a quantitative indicator, which was developed to measure customer loyalty, in the year 1993, by Fred Reichheld.

The NPS is measured through a scale that goes from 1 to 10, from 0-6 is negative (detractors), 7-8 neutral (passive), 9-10 positive (promoter). It is important to clarify that the Net promoter score can be enriched with valuable comments, which can help the company’s interaction methods with the client.

Its value

The customer experience can be measured and improved thanks to their analysis, also, the data will always be important, since customer loyalty is one of the factors that most influences the growth of companies. Based on the above, if the insurance company has a positive NPS (9-10), it means that there are people recommending it, which, on the contrary, is located within 0-8 within the scale.

Customer loyalty is crucial for any industry, because in a competitive environment like today, it is easy to replicate strategies, products and even prices, but really making a difference and denoting it, is something that companies continue to seek to thus achieving in a sustainable way the enhancement of its growth and profitability over time.

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