Does health insurance treat serious ailments?

On many occasions we have heard that Health Insurance is for illnesses not as complex as flu and those things and the truth is that yes, but not only does it stay there but it also deals with more serious and complicated ailments. Therefore, we will leave you an argument to analyze:

Based on the data of the insurance companies, we divide Life Insurance clients between healthy 21.29% (those who throughout the year cause an expense of less than $ 700 between tests and services) and on the other hand, the serious 51.46% (between $ 680 and $ 6,800) and very serious 27.25% (over $ 6,800).

It should be noted that a third of the health facilities for serious illnesses are installed in private hospitals and that from the above figures we find that clients with minor problems make up 21% of all healthcare services; the one of serious ailments suppose one of every two health services that are provided in the private insurance and finally the very serious, a quarter.

Health care does not rest, that is why every hour of the year, Health Insurance invests around $ 410,000 in the health of people whose ailments are serious and about $ 217,000 for people with very serious illnesses.

Understanding the above, we can conclude that Health Insurance does care for serious pathologies and that is why people currently rely more on it to prevent or mitigate complex diseases.

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