How important is cybersecurity in business?

Corporate cybersecurity is a complex and relevant issue, especially in the insurance industry, which handles large amounts of data and information that need to be protected for the good of customers and the organization itself.

Taking into account technology and its benefits, in addition to the set of tools, policies, security concepts, risk management and other guidelines, it is a priority for the insurance company to carry out a plan to safeguard its assets.

What is cybersecurity?

According to the article What is cybersecurity? on the Kaspersky website, it is a practice used to defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks.

Categories of cybersecurity:
  • Network security: based on protecting a computer network from intruders, attackers or malware.
  • Application security: focused on keeping software and devices free from threats, since a contaminated application can give access to the data it is intended to protect.
  • Information security: this protects data integrity and privacy, including data storage and transit.
  • Operational security: includes the processes and decisions to control data resources. Some items included in this category are the permissions that users have to access a network and the procedures that indicate how and where data can be collected or shared.
  • Crash recovery and business persistence: these define how a company responds to a cybersecurity disaster or other event that halts operations or fuels data loss.

Trouble recovery policies entail the way in which an organization restores its information and operations to regain the operational capacity that existed prior to the unfortunate event.

  • End-user training: This addresses the most unpredictable cybersecurity factor: people. By failing to follow good security practices, anyone can accidentally allow a virus to enter an otherwise secure system. The most important thing is to teach a company’s users to delete suspicious email attachments, not to plug in unidentified USBs, and other lessons that safeguard the organization’s security.

This topic cannot be summarized in a single part since it consists of several aspects that we must know in order to make our company’s cybersecurity effective from the very beginning. This is why we invite you to follow the trail of the articles that will serve as a complement, which we will be publishing in the following days.

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