How important is it to prevent wildfires?

As we approach spring and summer, we know that it is one of the most ideal times to enjoy outdoor activities, one of the most favorite being the beach or the pool. However, we tend to forget the care and necessary measures that we must have as citizens to prevent forestal fires, which are quite common in Chile at this time.

In recent years, Chile has been in danger of forest fires for at least eight months of the year, which clearly translates into an investment of resources to prevent and combat these types of accidents. It is known that the national budget for the year 2020 for the fire season has reached 63,000 million pesos.

Around 7,000 forest fires occur in Chile and originate when environmental conditions, such as lack of rain, higher air temperature and south wind flows. This occurs between October and April, not only due to the causes already mentioned, but also due to the carelessness of negligent people who increase the probability of a fire occurring.

That is why we want to do our bit and share with you these measures that can help prevent forest fires:

  • Don’t throw matches or cigarette butts on the ground.
  • Do not smoke in places with dry vegetation that could burn.
  • Avoid lighting bonfires in areas close to vegetation.

If it is strictly necessary to make a fire:

  1. Do it in an area away from branches, trees or elements that can ignite with fire.
  2. Delimit the area of ​​the fire with stones or sand to prevent its spread.
  3. Keep nearby items that can be used to put out the fire such as sand, water or dirt.

Preventing forest fires is everyone’s job, since in some way we have even been participants without realizing it. We must educate and be aware of the consequences that all this can bring, such as: damage to the soil, destruction of the habitat of wildlife, loss of plants that generate oxygen, increases the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere due to the emission of carbon and others harmful elements for the environment, among others.

Let’s be aware!

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