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Insurance industry: Impact of the current challenges

As we mentioned in our previous article, the only thing that is permanent is change and this was not going to be the exception for the insurance industry. Much of what we used to do traditionally, has been molded into: a digital communication capable of breaking time and space.

And what happened to the insurance industry?

The companies began to look for other options to help them emerge in a different environment.

From that moment on, one of the oldest and most rudimentary companies, the insurance industry, realized that if they did not look for other alternatives to innovate and meet their customers’ expectations, they would remain stagnant and with a huge value drain.

Knowing already the problem, we can talk to you about the current challenges impacting industries and their digitization:

  1. The strong aversion to change (Change Management).
  2. The difficult relationship of IT departments, which have had a hard time renewing themselves and usually we face companies that do not have an orientation to «apification» or business orchestration of technological micro-services.
  3. The technological and corporate integration of new platforms with dynamic and reduced teams, also from a macro corporate perspective, are seen as risky and the truth is that this is the key to overcome the challenge.
  4. A very strict governance oriented to large corporations is also seen by companies like ours as an active risk of No-Go, these points mentioned above become slowers for the deployment of new full digital services.

The intention of the management team must be aligned with the operational teams in order to be successful. A clear and mutually beneficial budget is also seen as a risk. The Startup will always be available to validate its business model, but it must have the joint corporate intention to bring the project to an objective and concrete industrialization. 

The most relevant information about LISA Gateway 

  • Platform proven in large industrial segments: Insurance and Banking.
  • Artificial Intelligence platform as a process accelerator, document analytics, fraud and econometric calculation.
  • Robust Orchestration engine customized to meet the different business needs and with rapid deployment enhancing the Time2Market.
  • Flexible technological architecture oriented to scalability and multiservice interconnection.

Do you want to wake up and evolve into the future with digitization and LISA Gateway?

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