Insurance Industry Insurtech EN

Insurance industry + insurtech = perfect formula?

What challenges do insurers currently have?

Insurance companies have always been seen as large, impersonal and bureaucratic entities by people, which has not allowed people to develop their trust in them in depth. One of its greatest challenges has been the adoption of technology and exploring new ways to innovate.

In this sense, the insurtech have collaborated in modernizing these industries and improving the experience of their consumers thanks to the use of technology.

3 of their contributions:

1.Simplicity: Each participant in the insurance industry must commit and make material efforts to simplify the entire purchase process, where the language is direct, clear and with simple contracts, which is what people have been asking for so much nowadays.

2.At the moment: Through the existence of the digitalization of the service, the barriers that delay all problems, such as bureaucracy and paperwork, are dissolved and the process becomes something faster to carry out.

3. Flexibility: Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is possible to individualize and deliver proposals for the needs that each client may have and at an affordable value. In the same sense, we can talk about a service that was previously for large companies and is now available to everyone.

Thanks to the appearance of the insurtech, companies whose existence dates back to ancient years, such as insurers, may be able to develop and be competitive with the use of technology and the compass of the insurtech.

It is easy? Well not really, it only remains to have the intention of discovering new ways to be more relevant and innovative.

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