Know everything about the impact of technology enablers

Technology advances at unimaginable steps; it doesn’t stop and constantly evolves, offering advantages and improvements for every company.

Despite being one of the oldest, the insurance industry has already begun to realize that digital tools offer endless benefits for themselves and their policyholders through a wide range of possibilities thanks to the technological enabler.

What is a technology enabler?

A technology enabler is a term used to describe a technology or set of technologies that provide a platform or foundation for the development of other technologies, products or services.

It facilitates digital transformation in various industries, and is complemented by other technologies that are rich in knowledge and capable of driving innovation in different economic sectors. These innovations can potentially cause significant disruptions in the coming 15 years.

Enabling technologies are distinguished by their extensive research and development in science, engineering, or technology, and their ability to rapidly innovate and introduce new physical solutions. Additionally, they can offer effective problem-solving capabilities.

Know the main advantages of technology enablers


Allows two or more systems to exchange information and connect.


The advent of Industry 4.0, which encompasses industrial automation and robotics, as well as Artificial and Computational Intelligence, has led to the replacement of mechanical jobs with technology. This shift has allowed employees to redirect their efforts towards more creative and functional roles, which are better suited to the technological landscape of today’s industries.

Cost reduction:

By being able to optimize human resources and enjoy multi-task solutions and management.

Great operational capacity:

Thanks to the interoperability that exists between various industrial value chains and the resulting improved connectivity between systems and workers, it has become possible to achieve an optimal combination of technology and human workers. This has led to increased efficiency and productivity in industries, as well as improved working conditions for employees.

At LISA we have a clear outlook, to provide the insurance industry with cutting-edge technology to improve its processes efficiently. In addition, we are committed to digitized processes and procedures that allow interoperability with various actors, representing a source of value for customers and valuable information for the insurance companies.

Get to know our technological enabler, LISA Gateway, and allow your company the technical integration between all the actors involved in an insurer: insurance banking, startups, brokers, brokers, and the end customer.

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