Know the different types of insurance scammers

We have all known at some time that fraud in the insurance industry is one of the most common crimes, which not only affects insurers but also represents a significant loss of millions of dollars annually in countries and small and medium-sized companies.

In this article, we’ll explain the most common types of scammers, which are classified into three groups:

  1. The opportunist: is the person who at first had no intention of committing fraud, however, some circumstances allow him to change his mind and take advantage of the opportunity to commit the crime, even repeatedly. It is easier for the insurance company to identify whether or not there was fraudulent activity, since the person acted on the fly and may have made betraying mistakes.
  2. The professional: has technical knowledge on the subject and is dedicated to looking for the vulnerabilities of an insurer in order to take advantage of them through fraud. This type of scammer tends to be very cautious.
  3. Criminal organizations: these are groups that have specialists in various areas in order to commit fraud to the insurance industry. They tend to partner with professionals in order to make the most of the weaknesses of the insurers, and their work is usually more organized, comprehensive and with the help of several people.

For the three groups, there is no particular type of fraud, so you can find any of them committing one in the area of ​​auto, life, business or other insurance.

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