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Learn about the new insurance launched as a result of the home office (Part 1).

Remote work, home office (home office), or teleworking, has been applied for about a year, since the Covid-19 pandemic began to develop. With this, there are many companies that have been developing new products that are more attractive and adapt to this new reality that we live in.

It is known that insurers have offered insurance for companies to contract with a focus on teleworking, and telemedicine has also been added to the coverage. Due to the above, it has been commented that there has been a greater contracting of group insurance, with a growth of 47% in 2020.

At the end of 2020, a personal accident insurance was launched, for companies and that also has some different points to traditional personal accident insurance.

This product would then have the same coverage as a traditional insurance (such as accidental death, medical expenses, disability, reimbursements for hospitalization), but three important health services were incorporated:

  1. Medical assistance at home or via telemedicine.
  2. Psychological assistance (since this type of consultation has been on the rise during the pandemic).
  3. Home assistance, in case the person has a broken pipe, locksmith problems, plumbing, etc.

Joanna Knoeppchen, director of personal lines for Southbridge, says that it was in April 2020 when they incorporated this issue, commenting that just when they realized that the confinement would be longer than expected, they released a product that they called “Stay in home”, which has coverage for reimbursement of medical expenses, telemedicine and at least three consultations with no copayment (in general, it is the deductible or the means of financing a health service for which the user pays an amount each time uses it. This payment is complemented with another means of financing).

And what are the benefits of taking out insurance of this type?

There are occupational accident insurance that does not fully cover the accidents that a worker may have in teleworking mode. This is supported by figures released by the Superintendency of Social Security (Chile), which produced around 1,600 complaints for personal accidents in remote work mode, where more than 50% of these complaints were rejected.

Of the accidents that occurred at home, the personal accident rate of women increased considerably, from 40% in 2019 to 70% in 2020.

What other benefits can we get from the new home office insurance? Find out in the second part of this article, which will be available in a few days.

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