LISA Insurtech among 12 startups selected by Zurich to work on the future of insurance

April 28, 2022 – LISA Insurtech, company that provides solutions to solve claims processes in an automated way using artificial intelligence, has been selected among 2,600 applicants to be part of the 12 winning startups of the Zurich Innovation Championship. The process focused on four business categories: reinvented insurance, prevention and mitigation, simplicity and sustainability.

«The breadth of ideas we received from startups around the world was incredible and gives us a glimpse of what the insurance of tomorrow will look like,» explained Ericson Chan, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Zurich Group. «Our winners have innovative and thoughtful solutions, and we look forward to developing them together to bring new solutions to our customers and simplify the way we interact with them.»

The 12 chosen startups are exploring solutions that include technology to detect and prevent cyberbullying; smartphone access to video-based health and wellness monitoring; tools to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals; and settling insurance claims automatically using AI and blockchain.

What’s next?

LISA Insurtech is already working with Zurich to prepare an operational plan in a three-month acceleration phase.

During this phase, the 12 startups will benefit from both financial and non-financial support, such as mentoring by Zurich executives and experts and access to business use cases, after which an implementation phase will bring the successful ideas to life and scale them globally.

«It is news that fills us with pride. It gives us confidence that what we are doing is important and has sustainability. But beyond that, we have great expectations of the process we are initiating and we are prepared to absorb everything we can. It will undoubtedly be a great leap for our company,» says Gino Volpi, CEO and founder of LISA Insurtech.

The winners in each category are:

  • Reinventing insurance: Caruso, Garanteasy,
  • Prevention and mitigation: Adapt Ready,, One Concern.
  • Simplicity: Anagog, Democrance, LISA Insurtech.
  • Sustainability: Deedster, Dynamhex, Salient.

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