Meet Homero: LISA’s documentary analyst

In all traditional claims settlement processes, the documentary analysis is a crucial stage, since its here where various aspects are evaluated such as: the validity of the policy, the documents uploaded as antecedents, among others, with the purpose of approve or reject the report and prevent fraudulent activities.

However, with all the current technological advances, the insurance industry still maintains lots of manual processes, which leads to very high operational costs, high management times and a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of its insured, but, can you imagine being able to digitize and automate those processes with Artificial Intelligence and put aside the long chain of pain in the insurance industry? With LISA, it is possible!

Homer is the LISA server, which uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing, whose functions are to classify documents from documents, in addition to extracting useful information from them and learning from the large volume of data processed.

Let us explain the advantages of HOMERO

Homero has great advantages, which will allow to improve the processes of the insurance industry. But let’s see, what are they? First of all, it is capable of processing 100 documents in less than four seconds. Fast, right? He also understands the texts he reads, which can even be written by hand and in more than 60 languages, and do you know what is best? The documents that Homero receives are encrypted and after extracting the desired information, he is in charge of eliminating the original file.

Homero is present in all our settlement processes to guarantee automation, speed, and security at the most crucial moment of the phase. Watch this video to see Homero in action.

At LISA, we operate with all the lines of business in the insurance industry.

Are you ready?

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