Say goodbye to claims with LISA TMT

The insurance industry has long had a progressive data leakage; however, there are now ways to collect and use data to detect claims in real time, such as LISA TMT.

We are likely to see more product innovation around telematics offerings for those who work more from home, which may include cyber insurance and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Partnerships with insurtech, online platforms and mobile network operators will be key to meeting the growing demand for digital solutions.

Ok, so how can I use this technology?

Es una plataforma de telemetría que brinda una capa apificada para recibir mensajería a tiempo real a través de dispositivos electrónicos de tipo IoT.

El propósito es brindar a la industria de seguros toda la factibilidad técnica para la implementación de nuevos servicios conectados entre sí, así como nuevos productos para prevenir y detectar siniestros en tiempo real.

«With LISA TMT we implement a world of intelligent options and services, with the ability to detect and prevent claims at all times, guaranteeing value and a unique experience to policyholders, leading to real-time insurance.»

Discover the Benefits of LISA TMT

  • Allows you to provide fully customized «Insurance On Demand» services.
  • Guarantees the reduction of service costs, providing better offers to policyholders.
  • Stores data in real time, collecting all behavioral information from policyholders.
  • Improve service quality by processing requirements from start to finish in real time.
  • Sends real-time notifications of any suspicious behavior through IoT devices.
  • It contributes directly to the prevention of accidents.

Dare to transform your insurance company with LISA Insurtech! It is very easy, leave everything in our hands and you will see how your customers will be very satisfied.

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