Is it possible to connect LISA to other satellite systems of the company?

Yes, LISA has a micro-services architecture, which gives it enough flexibility to connect to other systems to feed information and even do the corresponding push connected through API’s and WebServices.

What is LISA Insurtech’s cutting-edge technology made of?

It is composed of two artificial intelligence modules (a document reader and an image reader) and an automaton robot. That we like to call Homero and Burns.

Are the solutions of LISA Insurtech a CORE?

LISA Insurtech’s solutions are not a Core, they’re toola that helps to articulate the management of the company’s claims process and are integrated to the insurer’s financial cores and APIs.

How the solutions of LISA Insurtech can connect with the Insurance Company?

Through APIs and microservices.

How you can quantify the benefits of implementing one of the LISA Insurech solutions?

Simple! You can quantify them in only 3 steps:

  1. We propose to the insurance company to work together on a business case, (information related to the volume of claims, handling cost and settlement time will be required).
  2. LISA will perform an analysis with the information gathered previously and will make a comparison between the results and our value offer.
  3. A proposal will be made where we will improve up to 80% of the claims settlement time and 60% of the settlement cost. Finally the insurance company will clearly see the expected benefit of implementing LISA Claims.”

What products does LISA Insurech offer?

LISA offers three products: LISA Claims, LISA Gateway and LISA TMT.

Who needs LISA Insurtech’s support?

LISA Insurtech has the ideal solutions for all insurance companies looking to reduce costs, time and improve customer satisfaction.

What’s LISA Insurtech?

We are a company that seeks to change the traditional model of the insurance industry with artificial intelligence. With it we digitalize the insurance processes and guarantee all the technical feasibility for your customers to have a good service.