Prevention and Security

Purple team and risk mitigation

Promise is a promise! As we told you in the previous article, when it comes to IT security, there are three main teams (Red team, Blue team and Purple team), which work together to understand, analyze and find the best protection methods for the companies’ IT systems.

Finally, here we share with you the most important aspects of the last team…

Purple Team

Purple teams exist in order to secure and maximize the effectiveness of the Red team and the Blue team. What they do is to integrate the defensive tactics and controls of the Blue team, along with the vulnerabilities and threats gained by the Red team.

Its functions
  1. Manages the security of the organization’s assets.
  2. Perform tests to check the effectiveness of security mechanisms and procedures, in order to develop additional security controls to reduce the company’s risk.

It should be noted that the Purple team makes sense in small organizations, since due to restrictions such as insufficient budget, they cannot support the existence of independent Red team and Blue team. 

Finally, we can reaffirm that it is extremely important to implement security controls to minimize all the risks that a cyberattack can pose. Protecting the large amount of data that is handled and stored on a daily basis is not optional. 

How does LISA handle security?

All our databases are encrypted and protected, including those of our customers. In addition, customer cloud access is limited because only the cloud administrator can share, manipulate and interact with that information.

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