These are the benefits of the Cloud for insurers

With the passage of time, «The cloud», managed to have an annual growth rate of the service, standing at around 30% between the years 2013 and 2018. This service, as we explained in our previous article, consists of storing and ordering data from any type of server on the Internet and does not limit the deployment of applications even if they are «robust».

7 benefits of Cloud computing
  • It favors the digital transformation of a company due to the large amount of data that is handled daily.
  • Due to Covid-19, there has been expansion of sales channels and digital services, so having data storage service to servers located on the network is important.
  • Applications, services and data are not installed on a local computer, but are provided as a service, through a private or public cloud. Private clouds are hosted in a company’s own servers or data centers, while public clouds are hosted by external providers.
  • Lower cost and greater profitability, since insurers do not have to invest in the purchase of equipment and data centers, but pay for services that they benefit from.
  • They allow mobility and access from anywhere, making it possible for the company’s information to stop being only in the office.
  • There is greater security, since the data used in companies is no longer at risk in the event of a computer failure. All data will remain in the cloud thanks to regular and automatic backups.
  • Greater sustainability, since it changes the model we had until now of information management, but also makes business activity more sustainable (from an environmental point of view). With the use of virtual equipment there is no need to have physical equipment or servers that have to be renewed every few years, with the cost that this entails.

Using cloud computing is not something simple, however, having profiles with knowledge in this type of systems and a change in the business culture, it will be possible for insurance companies to unlock a range of benefits in their processes and tasks that until now have been conventional.

Our mission is to provide insurance companies with cutting-edge technology, so that they can operate in a more satisfactory way, saving time and costs and promoting customer loyalty. To achieve this, LISA deploys its applications with the help of the cloud, having access to its servers at all times without the need to limit resources.

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