These are the types of hackers you should know about

The need for IT security arises from threats and cybercriminals such as hackers, who seek to compromise important data and entire systems. However, not all attacks are the same, they do not come from the same perpetrators, let alone have the same purpose.

Here we will introduce you to the main players:

1.White hat hackers: these are professionals who legally enter protected systems in order to test their security. They could be referred to as «ethical hackers» who only seek to detect sensitive elements in networks and systems before a malicious hacker can do so.

These types of hackers make up attack and defense organizations, known as «red team» or «blue team».

2. Gray hat hackers: they expose vulnerabilities and report problems to their owners. However, these users have not asked for permission to carry out attacks.

They often conduct unauthorized tests and then ask for a reward for their achievements.

3.Black hat hacker: this type of hacker is the one known as cybercriminal, since they are in charge of invading systems and networks with malicious purposes such as:

  • Malware propagation.
  • Data theft.
  • System spying.

With all this, we can realize that black hat hackers are the biggest threat, as they not only gain unauthorized access to networks and systems but also carry out attacks to profit monetarily: phishing, ransomware and cryptojacking.

Knowing and being updated about the current state of computer security is very relevant to protect your computers and those of any company, such as insurance. Like many others, it handles an avalanche of data on a daily basis.

From the statistics we share with you, we know that you will not hesitate to train your employees and have at hand all the necessary tools to be in a safe environment.

Avoiding the theft of data such as bank account numbers, passwords, documents and all kinds of information, is what makes it possible to avoid significant losses that can affect our businesses.

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