What are the Personal Insurances?

Personal insurances are those that are in charge of covering the risks that may affect the health or integrity of the insured person. Having suffered an accident or suffering from an illness are some situations that make possible various solutions with this type of insurance, through compensation, provision of private medical services, among others.

What are the types of personal insurances?
  • Life Insurances: They are the insurances that cover the death of the insured of a critical situation such as total disability due to an accident. At the time oof contracting this type of insurance, an insured capital is estabished, which will be paid to the beneficiaries in the event of an unfortunate event.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: In this type of insurance, the insurer agrees to compensate with an economic amount, as a result of the insured suffering an accident that disables him to carry out his work activity or even causes death. These insurances are normally contracted by professionals who carry out activities that are risky.
  • Health Insurance: These insurances are one of the most contracted and are responsible for providing the holder and their family members with coverage in the event of suffering any illness or disease.
  • Dependency Insurance: They are some of the least known and are based on guaranteeing compensation in the event that the insured suffers an illness or accident that prevents them from leading a normal life and fending for themselves. The compensation for this insurance may be collected in the form of a monthly annuity for life or as capital paid in just one term.

Did you know about these insurances? Within the insurance world there are many concepts and words, which without the necessary information become complicated, however, once understood, we can learn more about what it is like.

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