Why anticipate the needs of our policyholders?

As we mentioned in our article «These are the benefits of Personalized White Glove Service for Insurers», if insurers consider the opportunity to offer personalized service, they can guarantee better products and services, evaluating the needs of each individual and know if they are repeated among the insured to be able to implement them even more quickly. The truth is that very few industries are offering this service because of the cost and because it requires changes in the organizational structure and investments in IT.

In this sense, based on how aware the insured is that there is a problem and the ability of the insurance company to respond to it proactively and effectively, customer needs can be categorized into three archetypes:

-Prevent problems: a proactive service can enhance the image of an insurance company in front of its policyholders by being able to prevent problems before they happen.

-Resolve problems before clients report them: busy clients perceive a “white glove” treatment when they know they have a problem but the company detects it and solves it before they raise it.

-Customize responses when customers are contacted: when the insured requests help, insurers can still offer an exemplary service by predicting their needs based on their individual profile to guarantee a personalized response.

Customers of any company increasingly expect them to work tirelessly in the background, anticipating problems before they occur, knowing when, where and how to establish contact and doing so proactively when necessary.

Establishing a guided customer service function with these characteristics requires a good understanding of organizational needs and tools that facilitate the collection, analysis and exchange of information.

Those insurance companies that dare to use innovative technologies will be able to set the pace to compete and grow away from their traditionality.

Customer satisfaction is one of the fundamental pillars for any company and ensuring it goes hand in hand with offering effective products and services with the help of technology.

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