Why the Insurance Industry should be digitalized?

The digitilization has allowed the insurance industry to make important advances in innovation. Only a few years ago, insurance could not be contracted digitally, while today the client can quote, contract and have assistance through different channels and anytime, anywhere. The entire ecosystem that technology and the Internet makes available to the industry has allowed the sophistication of any product or service.

In Chile there are companies, such as Seguros Fallabella, which has an app that allows you to request a crane and know its route in real time, schedule a technical review, request replacement drivers, among other functions.

In Colombia, the Insurance industry has remained largely on the sidelines, having a good level of development, from the point of view of the Latin American context, where they have implemented digital and market strategies. Strategies have been managed, but current technological advances have not been sufficiently involved, since part of the underdeveloped countries remains increasingly linked and begin to test other functionalities such as disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, among other tools that can support new models in the industry.

Chile highlights and presents advances in digitization of the industry, there are some companies such as the aforementioned that have arranged online contracting, app development, among others, which has been designed to guarantee a better customer experience.

The use and implementation of new technologies is key to respond to customer needs. Today mobile applications are an important tool for the insurance industry, since they allow us to deliver a close and effective service that meets what the client is looking for.

The insurance industry is one of the oldest and probably one of the only ones to have sold the same product since its origins, which could suppose that it has been a sector with minimal changes.

However, the emergence of the digital age has created various aspects that have become opportunities for innovation and development for insurers, and currently, many have obtained great benefits for risking change.

The digital age is synonymous with opportunities and challenges for insurers, they have always sought to be able to approach their brokers and clients, especially without being dependent on the former.

Thanks to the digital resources that exist today, the insurance industry has at its fingertips new attractive and favorable means to achieve the loyalty of its policyholders, through personalization, reasonable costs, better times, among others.

Currently, there is the phrase “adapt or die”, which has a precise and adapted meaning so that any company is able to analyze its opportunities in order to start a process of adaptation to the digital environment that has been underway. Many insurers have sought to diversify the platforms where they are in contact with their policyholders in order to offer them a rapid and timely response to their requirements.

The digitalization of insurance companies, will increase adherence to customer needs, the development of online services, communication with a provider 24 hours a day online, in addition to maintaining a value chain throughout the insurance process.

Nowadays, the Chilean insurance industry has begun to prepare and initiate changes in services and digital interactions, whose short-term objective with its policyholders is more fluid and narrow.

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