Covid-19: opportunities for digital Transformation

There have been few measures that companies have taken to adopt what the Digital Transformation has brought with it, however, the current contingency of Covid-19 made this change possible in a very short time, because in the case of Argentina, before the confinement 16% of workers worked infrequently from home and less than 3% did so permanently.

On the other hand, the penetration of the internet and its related has increased significantly in Latin America and in the last decade. In the case of Chile, although 90% of SMEs have this service, it is only limited to being used to send and receive emails, where 40% have a website and only 27% have electronic commerce.

Today, companies are immersed in the challenge of digitizing their business, not only in terms of their products but also in the way their teams communicate and work to ensure the monitoring of their activities and contact with their customers. in order to offer you a good experience.

In the case of insurers, a milestone has been established, a before and after. Insurance companies have been governed by their traditional system, however, the current world situation has made them have proposed to improve their work system, to something more digital, fast and easy.

Some of the significant changes they might consider are:

  1. Automation of your processes: in order to free up personnel, obtain better response times to requests and processes.
  2. Teleworking: in order to protect workers and continue operations.
  3. Enable digital channels: to avoid risks in the offices, so that customers do not have to leave home.
  4. Use of technologies such as AI or Blockchain: In order to avoid frauds.

This current scenario does not pose a threat, rather it is an opportunity for insurers and any company that wants to create a better foundation for its growth through the digitization of its business and innovation.

Companies that had already adapted to this technological wave, have better coped with the impact than those that have not, which is why it is the perfect opportunity to grow and develop traditional companies.

LISA Insurtech facilitates the digital transformation of insurers with technology, automating each of the traditional processes of the industry, reducing costs and settlement times with the promise of making the company independent of its manual processes. In this way we facilitate independent work, and telework within the company. You want to know more? Contact us by clicking here.

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