Discover three trends in medicine in the wake of Covid-19

As we have already explained in many of our articles, the appearance of Covid-19 was the turning point for many sectors and businesses around the world to change their way of operating, where the majority moved towards digital transformation.

One of the areas that suffered the most changes as a result of the pandemic was medicine, since now its way of monitoring and caring for health is quite different from how it was a few months ago. In that same sense, it will continue to modify and transform once the pandemic has ceased.

Allianz partners, a leading global company in medical, road, home, life and travel assistance services, prepared the report «Life after Covid-19», in which the analysis of the main trends and changes in the health sector after the Coronavirus, among which three significant changes within medicine stand out:

1. Use of technology: Coming from social distancing, many people have used the internet to have medical consultations from home (telemedicine), and it is expected that health service delivery systems will be increasingly digital and used. In addition, the technology revolutionized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile applications to control and combat the expansion of Covid-19.

2. More investment and research in medicine: In order to find an early cure for the Coronavirus, governments around the world have helped promote epidemiological research, vaccines and preparedness for other types of diseases.

3. Prevention and care of mental health: One of the most outstanding effects during the pandemic has been related to mental health, since during the time of quarantine and the imminent confinement, many people have developed and increased diseases such as depression and anxiety. In this sense, it is important to reinforce and give more attention to this area.

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