How can I prevent a fire at home?

Fires are one of the most common accidents and where mostly human carelessness is the one that produces the accident, although some can occur sporadically due to situations that are not visible to the naked eye, others can be prevented, so it is important to consider all the possible measures so that our home is safe from this type of accident, what can we do?

  • When you suspect or smell gas, do not turn on the light, this will avoid a spark that could cause a fire. The first step is to open the windows immediately, if you notice a gas leak immediately call the fire department.
  • The kitchen is the most frequent place of fire, the most common accident is when a pan catches fire, when it happens you just have to keep calm and cover it with its respective lid, in this way the fire will be reduced due to the lack o oxygen.
  • Since the kitchen is the most susceptible to these accidents, never have fabrics near the stove, as well as containers with flammable liquids.
  • Never leave matches or lighters in the hands of children, always keep them in a place that they cannot reach.
  • Check the electrical and gas installations at least once a year, to make sure they are in good condition and avoid a possible short circuit.
  • A common accident is leaving the iron on because they have called us on the phone or at the door, no matter what the case is, make sure to disconnect it before going to answer that call, you do not know how long it could take.
  • If you witness a house fire that originates from an electrical appliance, do not extinguish it with water because you could make things worse.
  • Whenever you are away, make sure that all the kitchen keys are closed, even when you go to sleep.
  • If there are smokers at home, repeat that whenever they go to empty the ashtray, make sure that the cigarettes are out. One that falls lit into the trash can could start a fire.

Home fires can be terrible and bring great economic losses to those who suffer from it, so it is always advisable to have insurance that covers these types of accidents and be vigilant in the measures to prevent them, we can be aware and avoid them!

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