How important is cybersecurity in insurance companies?

When we think about this concept, we probably agree at first that it is based on keeping the network secure, however, it goes beyond just this. Its definition also covers information security (it makes up all the elements of data security).

On the other hand, industrial cybersecurity is understood as the protection of information through the supervision of possible threats, which can put at risk the data contained in the computer systems of any company.

Threats could be classified into:

  1. Destruction of information.
  2. Information theft.
  3. Identity theft, personal data, confidential data, among others.
  4. Theft of money or scams.
  5. Cancellation of the operation of the systems.

Why you should implement cybersecurity in your insurer?

More than half of cyberattacks cause financial damage, resulting in lost revenue, opportunities and customers. This 54% is more than enough to leave out a company that is not prepared.

It is essential to its entirety, the implementation of cybersecurity in any company. Focusing on insurers, since their creation, they have generated valuable data and it has been stored, processed and transmitted; any eventuality that compromises the assets of the organization will directly interfere with its activity. It is important to apply backups or backups, in order to achieve the most efficient measure for data protection.

Information will always be the most important part of companies and will be the perfect target for theft, viruses, among others, which is why ensuring its permanent protection will be a crucial challenge for the organization.

"Overconfidence works against it: many entrepreneurs believe that their business would not be a profitable target for cybercriminals. The reality is very different."

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