LISA obtained the title of «Best Insurtech in Latin America»

Last Monday, September 15, was carried out online and presented by Insurtech Connect (ITC), Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) and Latin America Insurance Fund (LAIF), the Latam chapter where the winner of the challenge would be announced. I was looking to get the best insurtech in Latin America.

After seeing the presentations of different insurtechs that participated in the competition, the jury announced us as winners of the «Latam Challenge Pitch Competition», where we will then have to present ourselves in the ITC Global Pitch competition. We were, one of the five finalists of the contest along with Clupp, MUTUUS, RegTech and WeeCompany, which are undoubtedly tremendous exponents of the segment.

We are very proud and happy to have been able to compete with other high-caliber companies and be selected as the most innovative insurtech in LATAM. Now our promise is to keep innovating and working hard to be the innovative support that so many insurance companies need.

Eduardo Iglesias, LAIF co-founder and Managing Partner of LAIF, added: “It was a wonderful experience for me to share ideas, work experiences and knowledge together with Caribou Honig, John Swigart, Sabine VanderLinden, Juan Mazzini, Karlyn Carnahan and Manuel Escobedo. Insurtechs are clearly transforming the insurance industry. «

On the other hand, Manuel Escobedo, president of Grupo Peñaverde, highlighted how his company approaches innovation with the aim of optimizing its entire value chain from sales to underwriting and claims processing.

Sabine Van der Linden, Founder, CEO and Partner at Alchemy Crew, explained how startups could play various roles in the digital transformation process for different players bringing open innovation to the insurance industry.

According to Karly Carnahan, from Celent, less than 33% of small businesses that buy offline today would be happy to be able to do so digitally, which leaves an important market that can be worked on in the future.

To end the competition, Iglesias assured that the event returned a very positive vision of insurtech in Latam, on which it is necessary to continue growing towards new business models, with more technology and innovation.

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