Insurers will pay close to USD $ 55,000,000 for claims related to the Coronavirus

The Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies (Apeseg), announced that insurance companies in Peru will disburse around USD 55,000,000 to relatives of Covid-19 victims between the months of January and August of this year.

Apeseg also assured that in the coming months it is expected that as new reports of deaths with some life coverage appear, the amount to be paid will be higher.

The president of Apeseg, Eduardo Morón, assured that of the 36,000 claims reported for deaths in life insurance (considering burial, relief, individual life, group life, life law and risky work), more than 10,500 correspond to Covid-19.

He also pointed out that almost half of the deceased in the world belongs to the group of older adults over 75 years of age and that the types of insurance that have been taken care of are related to this profile of affected people.

It should be noted that the claims reported to insurance companies by Covid-19 mainly correspond to credit life insurance, where an insurer assumes the pending payment of a debt due to debt or credit card.

The second type of insurance with the highest number of reports is burial, with around 2,500 cases and then individual life insurance, where insurers must assume about USD 6,374,722 in compensation.

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