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ITC Vegas 2021: LISA Insurtech experienced it this way

During October 4, 5 and 6, 2021, the world’s largest insurtech event, known as the ITC, took place. This event brings together startups, insurers, intermediaries, technology providers, investors and traditional operators of the insurance industry to showcase new innovations, trends, learn how to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Over the years, more than 30,000 significant brands and even new participants have attended, and more than 100 countries have come together in this global event.

At the event held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, many insurtechs announced important agreements and launches this year.

LISA Insurtech could not miss this important event, so our CEO, Gino Volpi, went to this event in our representation.

We could not miss this opportunity to ask Gino several questions and interview him.

What do you think is the importance of LISA Insurtech’s participation in the ITC?

For all insurtech in general, it is relevant, as it allows us to compare our technology and products and see our competitors and realize our weaknesses and strengths to take them as an impulse. 

What did LISA Insurtech seek to achieve by participating in ITC?

It was the starting point and impetus for opening LISA Insurtech in the United States.

Name 3 things you think were important for the insurtech industry from the ITC Vegas event.

  • The high value placed on the speed level of insurtech for insurance.
  • Having the opportunity to take advantage of spaces in the insurance value chain where LISA Insurtech already takes over.
  • The business models that were seen have been very disruptive, which motivates us to keep looking for ways to innovate the insurance industry with technology.

How do you expect LISA to be received in the USA?

LISA Insurtech’s vision is to bring better products and services to improve the quality of life of policyholders through cutting-edge technology. Based on this, we can say that it was lovely and warm due to our level of disruption.

Were any agreements or alliances generated with LISA Insurtech? 

Some things will happen in the future and are beginning to take shape. 

How do you see LISA for next year?

LISA Insurtech is going to be even more empowered. We will participate in booths, DEMOS, and many more surprises.  

We will also have more exposure to a bilingual language and more changes that will strengthen LISA Insurtech and acquire new clients.

What are we going to strengthen in LISA in 2022?

  • Telematics (TMT).
  • Underwriting, pricing, and issuing policies (risk assessment) (With our LISA Gateway product).
  • Fraud prevention and detection.

See you at ITC 2022!

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