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Learn about the new insurance launched as a result of the home office (part 2).

As we saw in the previous article, many insurers have changed their products to offer new alternatives in case the insured is working by teleworking, because despite not leaving, traveling by car or traveling by public transport, it does not mean that inside the house we cannot suffer an accident.

Increase in the contracting of health insurance

In the health area, in Chile, it is known that they expanded their health plans to:

  1. Include all medical benefits associated with the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19.
  2. Incorporation of video consultations within the coverage.
  3. Benefit $ 0 copay at some clinics.
  4. Term of 30 days to present expenses and others.

In the midst of the pandemic, many sectors changed their way of operating and offering services to meet the real needs of their clients, including those that have a home office modality and are tied to confinement.

In this sense, we can summarize that the contracting of health insurance has increased with great force and momentum, reflecting the value that companies place on the health coverage of their workers.

To conclude and in general terms, in 2020, considering individual and group health insurance, they increased 31% compared to 2019, where group insurance registered growth in the segment of small and medium-sized companies with 172% compared to 2019.

The efforts of the companies and their workers in teleworking modality should be applauded and honored, since in this situation, no one was prepared to operate without having stepped on unfamiliar terrain, to which many companies have responded very well, among which the industry stands out. Insurance by approaching and applying technology to offer more personalized and useful products and services.

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