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Use cases of object detection

As we explained in our previous article, object detection is one of the star technologies of Artificial Intelligence. Now, in this second part, we would like to show you the use cases of object detection and its influence on LISA Insurtech.

Object detection use cases + important

The use cases involving object detection are very diverse.

Did you know that this technology has been implemented in computer vision programs for various applications, from sports production to productivity analysis?

Today, object recognition is at the core of most vision-based artificial intelligence programs and software. In addition, object detection plays a vital role in scene understanding, which is popular in security, transportation, medical, and other use cases.

According to the article «Object Detection in 2021: The Definitive Guide» some of the most relevant use cases are:

  • Autonomous driving: Autonomous vehicles rely on object detection to recognize pedestrians, traffic signs, other vehicles and more. For example, Tesla’s Autopilot AI makes extensive use of object detection to sense approaching vehicles or obstacles.
  • Vehicle detection with AI in transportation: Object recognition is used to detect and count vehicles for traffic analysis or to detect cars stopping in dangerous areas, e.g., at intersections or roadways.
  • Medical feature detection in healthcare: Medical diagnoses rely heavily on the study of images, scans and photographs. In the same vein, object detection involving CT and MRI scans has become extremely useful for diagnosing diseases, for example, with ML algorithms for tumor detection.


Object detection is one of computer vision’s most fundamental and challenging technologies. It has received significant attention in recent years, especially with the success of deep learning methods that now dominate the latest detection methods.

Object detection is becoming increasingly important for computer vision applications in any industry.

Before concluding, we would like to open an essential point since object detection within the insurance industry could offer competitive services, for example, by detecting cars and evaluating their driving behavior (and seeing why there are more or fewer traffic accidents).

It also serves as a support when evaluating an auto or home claim, but how?

At LISA Insurtech, we specialize in streamlining all claims processes with cutting-edge technology, which is why we rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. From this, we can analyze photographic and video evidence to prevent fraud and accurately calculate the damage’s value.

Would you like to learn more about our flagship product LISA Claims?

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