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What are the internal and external stakeholders of an insurance company?

We all know the function of insurance companies is to protect and support us in an unfortunate event that may threaten our family and our most precious assets, but what are the internal and external actors involved in this process? Here we explain it to you:

Main internal stakeholders:

Within the insurance teams we have the following departments, which play a specific role:

  1. The commercial department:
    • Customer prospecting.
    • Interaction with policyholders. 
    • Interaction with intermediaries: broker, insurance bank, etc.
  2. The underwriting department: 
    • Elaborate the underwriting standards.
    • Monitors compliance with underwriting standards.
    • Drafts and interprets insurance policies.
  3. The claims department: 
    • Manages the flow of claims.
    • Direct settlement or indirect settlement.

Main external stakeholders:

Outside the insurance company, we have three external stakeholders who occupy the following roles:

The insured: The person that subscribes to the policy with the insurance company, committing himself to pay the stipulated premiums and having the right to collect the indemnities arising from the loss.

Insurance broker: A natural or legal person who carries out the commercial activity of private insurance mediation without maintaining contractual ties that involve affection with insurance companies and offers independent, professional and impartial advice to policyholders.

The official adjuster: a person registered with the Commission for the Financial Market (Chile) who is engaged in settling insurance claims.

How does LISA Claims contribute to insurance companies?

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  • We increased up to 20% of the company’s NPS.
  • We reduced operational costs by 60%.

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