Which are the 3 most recent cyber threats?

As we mentioned in previous articles on this topic, corporate cybersecurity is a complex issue that requires a lot of knowledge to explore and make it effective against threats that may arise against an organization and its precious data.

Today cyber threats have evolved and the criminals behind these types of attacks have sought ways to make them increasingly effective. Here, we will share information on the most accentuated cyberthreats today so that companies can keep an eye on them and prevent them in time:

Malware Dridex
How does Dridex work?

Dridex is a financial Trojan that infects devices through a variety of means. This is often done through malicious attachments in phishing emails.

Typically, its function is to steal a user’s passwords, personal information and banking details for use in fraudulent transactions. It can do this even when web browsing would be considered secure (e.g., via HTTPS).

Another capability of Dridex is that it can monitor other activity on a computer, allowing malicious actors to take screenshots and upload and download files and tools.

It is known that in 2019, the United States Department of Justice, charged the leader of a group of cybercriminals for participating in a global Drindex malware attack. This entire attack affected the public, government and businesses in many parts of the world, as stated by the National Cyber Security Centre in one of its articles.

Fun fact: Cybercriminals manage Dridex through a large system of compromised computers around the world known as a botnet. Through such a system, they can retrieve stolen data and issue their commands, carrying out large-scale crimes.
Romantic Scams

Perpetrators of this type of scams prey on people looking for new partners and trick victims into providing their personal data. This is all done through dating sites, chat rooms and assorted apps.

Fun Fact: In February 2020, the FBI warned U.S. citizens to beware of confidence fraud being committed by cybercriminals through dating sites, chat rooms and apps. Then it was learned that romance cyber threats affected 114 people in New Mexico in 2019, whose losses totaled $1,600,000.
Emotet Malware

It is a sophisticated Trojan that can steal data and also load other malware. It preys on unsophisticated passwords, which is a reminder of the importance of creating a strong password to protect against cyber threats.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre, is known to have warned national organizations in 2019 about the widespread global cyber threat of Emotet malware.

Security programs continue to develop new defenses as cybersecurity professionals identify new threats and ways to combat them. That’s why it’s important to be aware of and stay on top of what’s new as it emerges so you can find solutions to combat it.
Do you want to know how you can strengthen end-user protection, which is fundamental to cybersecurity?

You can find out more in our next article.

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